A Premier Holidays Company

A pioneer in the industry for more than 5 years,
My Holidays provides cutting-edge marketing solutions.
We offer synergistic social media marketing and
dynamic strategies delivering enhanced visibility, engagement and ROI
while giving Buyers a Unbelievable offers and memorable services.

Who We ARE

We believe in making difference

We are a direct marketing company, who has a power of speaking one to one with consumers. It is a power that allows to build stronger, deeper, and more profitable consumer relationship for our clients. We motivate consumer to take immediate action while delivering and measurable return on every marketing Rupees spent

We work as a marketing partners for our clients to increase their business to unknown market, to lower their marketing cost of expense and help them to registered their property in mind of every visited person

From strategy , analytics,management ,integration , production to creative development My Holidays bring its unmatched experience in one to one marketing to each of its clients

What We Do

Can you imagine 1000 new customers everyday ????

We Can!!

My Holidays product and service help compaines to improve their results by providing greater insight into what drives their business – their customers , speacially their needs and wants . with our set of loyal customers we will help your company to strenghthen exsisting relationship and to rech out to prospective new customer in effective ways More than 300 professionals will help you to grow your business in following ways

  • Mouth to Mouth Publicity in Market
  • Extra business guaranteed through the system without affecting your Actual sales.
  • Increase Profitability, credibility and utilize it to meet other expenses in business for better growth.
  • Utilizing the unutilized resources as well better utilization of business resources.
  • Channelizing the accumulated inventory.
  • Introduction to untapped market and business associates.
  • Beat the Competition with added advantage.
  • Beat the recession or slack periods of business

The only thing which make us different from other direct sales companies is End Results

How We Do It

With a team of 300 Professionals having a experience of more than 2 decades to rely on we can provide unbelievable results quicker and more cost effectively than any other marketing format . You will only pay us for the positive results we bring to your business

Our innovative techniques ,combined with extensive experience on one to one marketing programs helps our client to increase their sales and reduce acquisition cost of new client


At My Holidays : Standards are high

For our Team sky is the limit

Each My holiday Team representative is expected to maintain highest standard of professionalism and is constantly monitored for higher efficiency and have proven record of success

Our Proven one to one method helps us to build a strong rapport with potential new customers and motivate them to act quicker for new creating new income streams and more cost effectively than other traditional channel of advertising

Periodically remedial training seminars and meetings allow over 300 sales representatives to share ideas , resources , knowledge and energy to help our clients to achieve their customer acquisition targets and increase their brand awareness professionally and cost effectively

Our innovative techniques ,combined with extensive experience on one to one marketing programs helps our client to increase their sales and reduce acquisition cost of new client

Customer Service

It’s the backbone of any business to get Success

We at My holidays are committed for customers when they needed us the most , whether helping our clients reach their target audience or helping customers identify and understand which product or services they really needed.

Our only aim is to take satisfaction of client to 100%

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